Gallery 1

Feel free to view my albums, I will show you my latest work as time goes. These will be in my Gallery 2.

Gallery 1 here are my old works from my college days.

I did a Fine Art’s degree in the 1970s, followed by a Post Graduate Certificate in Education with distinction in 1978. Then I taught Fine Art at a Secondary School for three years before I opened my present food outlet.

Here are some of my college works, my biggest regret is selling off some pictures during my days of poverty. I often wonder what has happened to them, as these were from my Blue period and they were part of a window/mirror theme. These college paintings are big, the last piece with the green bottle is almost four feet in length. At my Art College, the size of canvas mattered, everyone was trying to impress, including me!


One of my earlier works, I copied this off a postcard, it’s like painting by numbers, ugh horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Flute Player taken under glass.


I am still learning how to use oils here


This is a still life study.


A still life study


Set this up because I wanted to paint an ellipse in perspective


Looking at the mirror image but I broke up the reflection to make it more interesting.


A still life study using two contrasting mirrors.


The last piece of my college works.