Commission Work

COMMISSIONS:  I can interpret a copy from a clear photograph (must be taken in natural light, no use of flash) of your family pet (s) or your favourite person (s).  Here are some examples and the medium is artist studio pencil crayons. Executed on high quality paper, size 28cm x 38cm.  My prices range from £100 plus postage and packaging.


Oil portraits from £250


leopard_a leopard_b

Detailed facial features of Leopard in my style


This is a lioness with her cub,


28ins X 22ins

Another example:

This is from a very high resolution image of a barn owl, the type of representation desired if one wants a detailed portrait.


Taking two images of different sizes and put them together. These could be your pets or family from different photographs.  An example of a pair of lions drinking – my artistic license to do so because I think most of the same sex drink together in the wild.



I can also improve – in my view, change the atmosphere of a given subject. Here is an example of a leopard in contemplation, this is from a travel brochure which shows an incomplete image of a leopard and my interpretation.



Close up of Leopard.


At last, I have got a real animal to paint, it’s my son’s tabby kitten called Gizmey.  After taking many photos, I have decided to use this image and painted her to look at me and rid off her shaved patch when she got spayed.  I can also paint the subject with a different background, this one is the upholstery design on my conservatory furniture.

Gizmey IMG_6001

Here is a close up of her to show her beautiful eyes. I love painting eyes on my subjects.


For Emma 2

detail of dixie

Dixie painting



If interested please contact me at my email address: