present_2Hi everyone, welcome to my web page. First let me introduce myself, my name is Tai Tai Chan and it should have been Dai Tai but they had made a translation mistake on my birth certificate. You see, I was the first born and my parents wanted boys to follow so the Ho household called me Dai – meaning to look after, I am sure babysitting is a better word, Tai, pronounced ‘Tie’ – meaning boys. Now we all know that BOYS grow up to be MEN! So watch out you MEN out there, I am that noose around your neck, twice over, just to make sure, ha ha ha. As you can gather that I like to meet and talk to people with a sense of humour. Humour helps me to delay the greys, so if you are the serious type, stay away! You will age me faster and I don’t want that -yet! That’s why my name has been shortened to TATTY – suits me better because as you browse through my site, a certain madness comes out.
Since 1981, I have been happily married to a Mr Chan. ‘Chan’ means a big pot besides being the most popular surname in China so I am glad that I had picked the right man. Yes perfect, as my maiden name happens to be Ho – meaning river and what’s in a river? WATER, water is another word for MONEY in Chinese terms so what happens, the river flows into the pot and filling nicely to this present day. Here, I’ll let you work that one out!

I have three children and have run the same takeaway for over 35 years, growing old with the shop as they say. My interests are vast but mostly directed towards creativity. I would love to attempt everything, except sport, if time and money permit because I just love learning. It stems from a belief that if ever there was an afterlife, I would stand a better chance of survival – that is if I don’t come back as a FLY! Stay away from me you squatters!

Feel free to browse through my web page. I will show you my creativity which will no doubt increase with time.  My latest add on (2015) is my blog, my son recommended this because he thinks that I should start a stress relief page… It’s a must to read, maybe a stress reliever for you too. On 13th February 2017, we have sold Chans to part of our in laws family.  So I want to add that I have even more stress now – living with Mr Chan.  Say no more, read my expanding blog……

This is me at 21years, having a go at modelling in the Cotswolds and now. Thank goodness, my trade mark- the hypnotising dimples, used often to make my customers dig deep into their pockets, haven’t disappeared yet alongside the wrinkles!

21 yrs old Tatty (home)